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120 minutes' video lesson on Business Letters and on Roles and Responsibilities within a company


Video lesson of about 120 minutes dealing with business letters and emails: asking for information in a professional manner, requesting a discount or a credit extension, ordering, complaining, informing about the delivery of goods, requesting payment and much more. The lesson includes the description of roles and responsibilities within a company or an organization. There are exercises, audio exercises and translation tasks with keys.

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to write professional business emails and letters by using the proper words, terminology and register.

You would need an A1/A2 or an A2 level of English knowledge to appreciate this lesson fully. By the end of this lesson, you should  improve to about B1 or B1+.

As soon as the payment is accepted, you will receive an automatic email to download a zipped folder with two pdf files containing the lesson slides: one without keys, the other one with keys. Both files contain a link to the video lesson (protected by a password).

The slides are approximately 215 altogether, the lesson is about 120 minutes.

Go to “Documenti Allegati” to see a video presentation of the lesson.



Video presentation of the lesson on business letters

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